NOI Hackathon SFScon Edition

NOI Hackathon is a 24 hour event that brings together creatives and developers to conceive new ideas and projects.

NOI Hackathon SFScon Edition was realized by the Tech-Transfer Digital of the NOI Techpark.

2 days, 24 hours, different topics to work on, one jury and amazing prizes. Inventors and creative people: developers, designers, data experts, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. We welcome different ideas, backgrounds and competences. We always have in mind Open Data and Open Source projects, as we want to promote an open and innovative culture. Presentations and code will be published on a public git repository as Open Source prototype.



  • an Amazon Gift Card

    an Amazon Gift Card

    Won by Trash-Tracer

    Offered by ACS Data Systems AG

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    You and your team will receive a 1.000 € Amazon Gift card (total amount for the team)

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    Green Signage: fostering sustainable behaviors with digital experiences
    Your project uses digital signage mediums such as large format displays (LFD), with sensors and cloud services to build engaging experiences promoting eco-sustainable behaviors.

  • Present your showcase and use our network services for free

    Present your showcase and use our network services for free

    Won by Tyrol STP (Smart Trip Planner)

    Offered by datahub.tirol and digital.tirol (Standortagentur Tirol)

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    You and you team and your showcase will be presented live or online in an event of the Standortagentur Tirol. 
    Your showcase will be featured in our network of over 400 companies through mailings, website and collaborative tool Trendlabor.
    You and your team will get a free subscription for Trendlabor for 1 year.

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    Using sources from datahub.tirol and opendatahub südtirol and show what is possible through connecting data from north and south tyrol
  • a monni card

    a monni card

    Won by vYOU

    Offered by ewo

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    You and your team will receive a 1.000 € monni Card (total amount for the team)

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    The project aims at adding a new service to the IoT system able to

    Task 1
    1. Take a picture using the camera integrated in one node (based on the Espressif ESP32 esp idf SDK)
    2. Store the image in a local buffer
    3. Transfer the picture to another node of the mesh network (consider that the network has limited capacity and you cannot send directly a large file)

    Task 2
    1. Instead of just taking the picture and send it, perform an analysis of the picture using TensorFlow and detect humans
    2. Just send the subset of the picture that include humans.

    Task 3
    1. Take the picture, send to another node
    2. send the data via USB to a PC and build the received image
    3. Take the picture, send the data via USB to a PC and build the image

  • a travel voucher

    a travel voucher

    Won by TexWiller

    Offered by lvh.apa and SÜDBUND

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    You and your team will receive a 1.000€ travel voucher (total amount for the team)

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    New RFID tags allow the seamless integration into textiles, e.g. for tracking. In this way, for example, a scan can indicate in advance how the laundry should be treated, the number of items can be counted, or the origin of textiles can be determined. In this hackathon, participants can elaborate the use case of drapes & curtains and implement it prototypically. Besides software prototypes, this time the teams can also deal with hardware or textile design issues. According to the motto - hacking beyond.

  • a travel voucher

    a travel voucher

    Won by HackProgress

    Offered by PROGRESS GROUP

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    You and your team will receive a 500€ travel voucher (one for each team member)
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    Precast concrete elements are produced on beds. For cost efficiency every single bed should be filled as much as possible.
    Challenge: develop an algorithm, that assign a set of elements (rectangles) to a minimal number of beds:

    • Beds have a rectangle shape with the same predefined dimension.

    • Beds are numbered 0, 1, 2, 3, … and will be produced in this order

    • Elements have a rectangle shape and can have different sizes

    • Elements are always smaller than the bed

    • Elements can be freely placed on the bed (x/y dimension) and can be rotated by 90°

    • The elements placed on a bed must not overlap or exceed the dimensions of the bed

    • Elements have a concrete quality; on a bed only elements with the same concrete quality can be placed • Elements are grouped to “stacks”. A stack is a numerical identifier 0, 1, 2, 3, …

    • At the same time only a predefined number of stacks can be “open”. A stack is opened by producing the first element and gets closed with the last one.

    Example 1: On bed #1 just one stack with 5 elements is produced => during production of bed #1 just one stack is open Example 2: 2 stacks: Stack #1 = 4 elements Stack #2 = 7 elements Production: Bed #1: 6 elements (4 x stack #1, 2 x stack #2) => 2 stacks are open Bed #2: 2 elements (2 x stack #2) => 1 stack is open Bed #3: 3 elements (all of stack #2) => 1 stack is open

  • a monni card

    a monni card

    Won by ProCam

    Offered by systems GmbH

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    You and your team will receive a 1.000,00 € (250,00 € per person) monni Card

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    Person flow analysis

    Problem definition:

    As the owner of a store, I want to know more about my customers in order to better target my promotions. For this purpose, I would like to collect the time of access of my visitors as well as various metadata such as age groups and gender.


    Analyze and collect the available data from the camera and provide it to the business owner in a simple and understandable form. Check the accuracy of the data and give a percentage value for it so that this can be taken into account when the business owner evaluates the data. Be creative and try to extract as much information as possible from the data maybe also by combining it with other data sources

    Available Hardware:

    • Milesight People Recognition

    Available Software:

    • SysIot Plattform – if necessary.


  • Day 1 Friday 11th November
  • 13.00 Check-in
  • 14.00 Opening and participants pitches
  • 15.00 Kick-off: time starts!
  • 15.05 Prize criteria presentation by supporters
  • 17.00 Coffee Break
  • 18.00 First presentation round
  • 19.30 Dinner at Noisteria
  • Nighttime hacking (bring your sleeping bag for power napping!)
  • Day 2 Saturday 12th November
  • 7.00 Breakfast at Noisteria
  • 10.00 Second presentation round
  • 12.00 Lunch at Noisteria
  • 15.00 Time ends
  • 15.05 Project presentation time
  • 16.00 Jury retires to vote
  • 16.30 Winner proclamation




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  • ACS Data Systems AG
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  • digital.tirol (Standortagentur Tirol)
  • ewo
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  • systems GmbH