NOI Hackathon Summer Edition

NOI Hackathon SFSCON Edition is a 24-hour event that brings together creatives and developers to conceive new ideas and projects.


24 hours of hacking, collaborating, co-creating, and developing for (currently secret) topics that will be revealed at the start of the Hackathon.


Generate new ideas alone or in a team. This one is for creative people, creators, developers, designers, data experts, entrepreneurs, tech geeks, coding lovers… of any level and with any background – just get involved!


And, yes, we have prizes for our winners but the aim of the event is to inspire, so if you are on the fence about a career in tech, get involved and give it a go.


  • What should I bring?

    Your laptop and creativity!
    You may take a power nap: bring your sleeping bag!

  • Is the event free of charge?

    Yes, the NOI Hackathon is free of charge.

  • Will there be food?

    Yes! We will provide breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for free.

  • I will play solo. Can I participate?

    Of course! We accept teams from 1 up to 4 people.

  • What language should I speak?

    All the official parts of the event are in English. You'll have to understand and speak basic business English.

  • How will teams be created?

    Some participants come already as a team but teams can also be formed during the event!

  • Do I have the skills to participate?

    Yes! If you are an inventor, creative person, developer, designer, data expert, entrepreneur or enthusiast…

  • Do I have to bring an idea?

    You can, of course, come with lots of ideas... but you'll then have to consider the hidden criteria of the prizes!

  • How is the jury composed?

    The jury can have a mix of developers, entrepreneurs, designers, data experts...

    In every jury there will always be at least one developer with technical skills in software development.

  • How will my work be evaluated?

    Your team work evaluation will be based on the presentation (a 3 minute speech including set up on stage) and the code that will be published on the team page website.

  • How can I have info about challenges?

    You will be invited to join a channel dedicated for each challenge where you can have information and reach mentors.

  • How can I register during Hackathon?

    After the hackathon started go to hackathon.bz.it/secure/register and follow the steps. Once you have registered you can login to hackathon.bz.it/secure/login.


  • Day 1 Friday 10th November
  • 13.00 Check-in
  • 14.00 Opening and participants pitches
  • 15.00 Kick-off: time starts!
  • 15.05 Prize criteria presentation by supporters
  • 17.00 Coffee Break
  • 18.00 First presentation round
  • 19.30 Dinner
  • Nighttime hacking (bring your sleeping bag for power napping!)
  • Day 2 Saturday 11th November
  • 7.00 Breakfast
  • 10.00 Second presentation round
  • 12.00 Lunch
  • 15.00 Time ends
  • 15.05 Project presentation time
  • 16.00 Jury retires to vote
  • 16.30 Winner proclamation



  • Win a monni card and a backpack

    Win a monni card and a backpack

    Won by CosmicCarrots

    Offered by KONVERTO AG

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    You and your team will receive a 1.000 € monni card (total amount for the team) and each team member gets a KONVERTO backpack

    Show criteria Now available

    Usage of high-resolution satellite images and spectral analysis in agriculture

  • Win a Monni card and the chance to present the project to VMware

    Win a Monni card and the chance to present the project to VMware

    Won by IntelliCharge

    Offered by VMware

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    You and your team will be awarded a €1,000 monetary card (for the entire team), along with an exciting chance to showcase your project in front of our global sales community. Additionally, you'll have the spotlight at our VMUG event (https://www.vmug.com/), where you can captivate our enthusiastic user group community.
    Show criteria Now available

    Our project aims to harness artificial intelligence (AI) to create an engaging and informative local experience based on a provided video clip video stream. This video clip is a simulation of what a camera mounted in a EV charging station would capture in real-time. Using advanced recognition algorithms, we intend to identify and catalog a wide range of elements within the video, such as vehicle license plates, car models, the number and gender of individuals, their mood, parking correctness, and duration of stops, among many other details that you will find.

  • Win an Amazon Gift Card

    Win an Amazon Gift Card

    Won by BeeZmart

    Offered by Beez

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    You and your team will receive a 1.000 € Amazon gift card

    Show criteria Now available

    Create a custom mobile app for IOS/Android systems using the Beez Blockchain API.
    The minimum requirements are as follows:
    - Manage user authentication; 
    - Allow users to obtain Beez Tokens; 
    - Allow users to send and receive Beez Tokens; 
    - Allow users to manage (upload/download/transfer) digital assets; 
    - Have a fantastic and eye-catching design;
    Look for the PWA (progressive web application) at https://beezy.stellab.it 

  • Win an Amazon gift card

    Win an Amazon gift card

    Won by LogiTrack

    Offered by GRUBER Logistics

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    You and your team will receive a 1.000 € Amazon gift card (total amount fo the team)

    Show criteria Now available

    You should develop an app that can be used by truck drivers for collecting information.

    The app should:

    • allow the drivers to take photos of trucks and trailers 
    • read out and store the contact data written on the tarpaulins (company name, address, phone number, email, etc.)
    • Note: the app must not work while driving.
  • Win an Amazon Gift Card

    Win an Amazon Gift Card

    Won by SquarAI

    Offered by Infominds AG

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    You and your team will have the opportunity to win a 1.000,00 € Amazon Gift Card

    Show criteria Now available
    • Use any provided sensors to collect some data
    • Data must be visualized in a user-friendly way
    • Data must be available through a standard API (JSON, REST...) to integrate them into existing systems (Smart Home, ERP…)
  •  Win a Monni card and a tandem paragliding voucher

    Win a Monni card and a tandem paragliding voucher

    Won by CabChat by StudyBuddy

    Offered by Mooovex

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    You and your team will receive a 1.000 € Amazon gift card (total amount for the team) along with Fly2 tandem paragliding voucher (per person)

    Show criteria Now available

    Mooovex is developing a system for digitising transfer services and taxi rides. Our challenge is to determine the details of a trip via voice recognition at the expense of manually entering trip details into the Mooovex system.
    There are two requirements:
        - the driver must be able to enter a new trip
        - the system should be available to the end customer

  • Win a monni card

    Win a monni card

    Won by Supa Camping

    Offered by Systems GmbH

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    You and your team will receive a 1.000,00 € (250,00 € per person) monni Card

    Show criteria Now available

    SMART CAMPING, Navigation System: Develop a navigation system for a campground that assists guests in finding their assigned pitch as well as other public areas within the campground.
    This could be achieved through the use of geolocation technologies, without requiring the guest to install an app on their mobile device.


Partners & Supporters

Co-organised by

  • NOI Techpark
  • Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse

Co-funded by the European Union

  • FESR

We are proud to be supported by these remarkable companies

  • VMware

complemented by the invaluable contributions of our challenge providers

  • Beez
  • GRUBER Logistics
  • Infominds AG
  • Mooovex
  • Systems GmbH