Hackathon LuNa Science makes you fly!

A 24 hour challenge - to create and publish applications, products, visualisations and much more.

It has been lot of fun! Developers, designers, creative people met and developed inspiring prototypes. Open Data and IoT have been a common topic. More information about the winning projects will be published in short. Stay tuned!

hackathon.bz.it autumn 2014 from SFScon on Vimeo.

If you have an idea, want to find an interesting project to contribute towards, learn about how to visualize or analyze data or simply want to see what's happening, then definitely come to participate! No matter your skillset or interests, we are encouraging big thinkers!

developers Developers

Your coding skills and your magic hands are needed to create something new that the world has yet to see. You can use your imagination to create visualizations, games, whatever you want. Join the teams!

developers Designers

To create something that's looking amazing and at the same time can be used by everyone. This is your daily job and at the same time the thing we expect from you. Maybe you already have a good idea to create something great or maybe you will find someone with a great idea to join with. Come and show us!

developers Statisticians

​Show us the numbers! You know how data works. Work your algorithms to create deep insights into open data.

developers Data Journalists

You know how to tell that story behind the data! In this sense you are the one who crafts beautiful jewelries out of data gold. Show-case your precious gems.

developers Citizens

We need you the most. Come to cheer for your friends, spread the word and bring some great Ideas!


Hackathon LuNa is a competition led by TIS innovation park South Tyrol. The primary objective of this Hackathon is to encourage creative people to create prototypes on innovative ideas and to network with other creatives! The use of the available datasets of open public data, especially the ones already present in South Tyrol is encoraged. As well as the integration of Internet of Things. It is open and free for any app creator, developers, designers, marketers, communicators, or just people with good ideas.


  • To participate you must sign up with the registration form . You can also sign up with a last-minute registration on September 26th, before the event. But be aware, number of participants is limited!
  • The competition starts on September 26th and ends on September 27th, with the winners' proclamation.
  • Participants have to present a working prototype! The use of Open Data and IoT is optional but welcome.
  • You can find some of the South Tyrolean datasets on: opengisdata.eu/datasets.
  • Participants can present their ideas as an individual as well as a team, up to 4 team members. In case of victory, the same participant cannot win more than one prize.
  • The jury, composed of Open Data and Technologies experts, will choose the winners according to the following assessment criteria:
    • creativity
    • innovation
    • usability
    • usefulness

    Bonus points for the use of

    • Open Data
    • IoT
10:00 Opening, breakfast & get together
11:00 Presentation mentorship & incubation by TIS innovation park
11:10 Presentation looptown shop by Looptec New Media
11:20 Presentation Internet of Things by CreateNet
11:30 Presentation Internet of Things by TIS innovation park
11:40 Presentation Open Data APIs by TIS innovation park
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 24h Hackathon START
16:00 Coffee break
20:00 Dinner
06:30 Breakfast
11:00 Presentation mentorship by ORS Group
12:00 Lunch Break
13:00 24h Hackathon END
13:30 Presentations to the Jury
16:00 Winner proclamation
16:30 Happy hour!