Open Data

MAY 6TH-7TH, 2017

IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige, Via Siemensstr. 19, Bolzano/Bozen


What can you do to make the region you are living in more innovative and suistainable?

2days, 24 hours, different topics to work on, one jury and many prizes. Designers, developers, data journalists, citizens, whatever is  your skill you're more than welcome to join in.


Register to participate

To participate you must register. You can also sign up with a last minute registration.


Play solo or team up

Participant can present their ideas as an individual as well as a team


Build and present your working prototype

We usually like to see innovative projects that could improve people's lives


Let the jury decide and possibly win!

The jury, composed of open data and technology experts, will choose the winner

What should you expect?
Have a look to our last edition!




Day 1 Saturday
09:30 Registration - show your ticket!
10:00 Opening
10:30 Attendees Presentations and Idea Pitches
11:30 Find out Criteria and Topics
12:00 Lunch is served
13:00 Hackathon begins / you have 24h from now!
16:00 Coffee break
20:00 Dinner
??:?? Extra Points Collection during Night Hacking
Day 2 Sunday
07:00 Breakfast
10:00 Test your prototype presentation on stage!
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Hackathon Finish Line
14:00 Demos Begin / Show your working prototype!
17:00 Winners are announced!