Vertical Innovation

2 days, 24 hours, one jury and many prizes - 10/11 November 2017

Challenge yourself and your team in building an innovative prototype or solution. Designers, developers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts are invited to join the event.


Study Tour to San Francisco
offered by Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse

Meet with experts of blockbuster companies in San Francisco and have the chance to present your idea and to collect experience by experts in the valley.

Show to the jury how our society can use technology to have a sustainable planet in 2030. Will we use artificial intelligence through augmented reality and have self-driving flying cars? We don't know yet! Inspire us and get us excited through your project prototype!

Be part of a startup!
Tyrolean Business Angel

You and your team will receive the support and the money of a business angel to transform your idea into a real startup. To test your prototype on the field the winning team will have the opportunity to found a company together with Harald Oberrauch with a clear mission to participate at a possible exit. 
To win you have to show to the jury a concept and prototype of an app that shows you a calendar of all the golf tournaments in South Tyrol in one view. 
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What can you do to make the region you are living in more innovative and sustainable?

2 days, 24 hours, different topics to work on, one jury and amazing prizes.

Inventors and creative people: developers, as well as designers, data experts, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. We welcome different ideas, backgrounds and competences.

We always have in mind Open Data and Open Source projects, as we want to promote an open and innovative culture. The presentations and the code will be published on a public git repository as Open Source prototype.




Register to participate

To participate you must register! You can also sign up with a last minute registration.


Play solo or team up

Participants can present their project as an individual as well as a team.


Build and present your working prototype

We usually like to see innovative projects that could improve people's lives.


Let the jury decide and possibly win!

The jury, composed of open data and technology experts, will choose the winner for every single prize.


Day 1 Friday 10th
12:30 Registration desk will open
13:00 Lunch - joint with SFScon lunch
14:00 Opening
15:00 Time starts and criteria are unlocked on the website
15:15 Presentation of criteria details and prizes
17:00 Coffee break
20:00 Dinner
21:00 First presentation round
nighttime Night time hacking
Day 2 Saturday 11th
07:00 Breakfast
10:00 Test your presentation and pitch!
12:00 Lunch
15:00 Time ends
15:15 Presentation time
16:30 Jury retires to vote
17:00 Winner proclamation and final aperitivo

What should you expect?
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