David Nguyen

David Nguyen

Design Coordinator

Education: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

Favorite programming languages: Fusion 360

Hobbies: 3D Printing, Digital Manufacturing, Internet of Things, Mountaineering

More about me:

During the day, I work as a design coordinator for a company that specializes in premium facades and special constructions worldwide. I coordinate complex projects and oversee all phases of the design process, from the technical drawings to the construction site and the meetings with architects and contractors. During the evening and on the weekend, I solve real-life problems through design. I love sketching ideas in my black notebook and coming up with solutions that are beautiful and functional at the same time. I focus on innovative technologies like 3d printing and additive manufacturing but I am also interested in more traditional skills like woodworking. After adventures in Germany, Australia, the Pacific, and Vietnam, Hartmannweg 5 is where I live, together with my partner, tools, and 3D printer.

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