Edition Nov 16th-17th, 2018

Vertical Innovation Hackathon



WideOpen is a change management platform that drives companies to adopt flexible work hours policies in order to make the rush hour a thing of the past.

Rush hour, the moment we all go out of office at the same time and get stuck in traffic or overcrowded buses, has a huge impact on stress, environment and free time because of its huge traffic. With open data we measured the phenomenon and we are able to monitor it. Rush hour is so real and impactful on traffic smoothness resulting in literally tons of CO2 that we could save.


In the platform, more than usefull information, strategies and explanation to the problems, we built an iot system, with a working prototype, that tracks improvements of companies that join the project. We track vehicles going in and off parkings and challenge companies to have more distributed schedules avaible for their employees.


Our system is also capable of providing new data to the Open Data Hub about the traffic in front of the companies in the program.





The whole project is free open data and software