Edition Nov 15th-16th, 2019

NOI Hackathon SFScon Edition

Stift - Digital assistant for artisans

Stift - Digital assistant for artisans

Stift is a digital assistant for artisans than helps the to organize better there tools and to remind them when they forgot one on the job-site.

"Stift" is an word from the southtirolian dialect that means trainee.

Stift the digital assistant consists of a website and mobile app and a network off RFID tags and readers.

Every tool gets an inexpensive and maintenance free RFID tag. The RFID readers are installed in the head quarter, the job-sites and the work-trucks. The RFID reader recognizes every tool that enters or exists a location and updates the status of the tool on the central server.

Each artisan can define its personal checklist . Whenever he starts his work-truck the list is verified automatically and when one of the tools is missing he gets a notification on his cellphone.



User : stift@lvh.it

Password : lvhlvhlvh

Server Readme: https://github.com/stift-hackathonbz/stift-server/blob/master/readme.md


Reader Readme: https://github.com/stift-hackathonbz/stift-reader/blob/master/README.md