Edition Nov 16th-17th, 2018

Vertical Innovation Hackathon

Ra Ma

Ra Ma


The project "lichtbild-argentovivo.eu" is an open data visual archive that collects many photo collections.
These are mainly based on photographic materials  taken in Tyrol and South Tyrol  area from 1880 the last years of  XXth century.
All the images follow the Creative Common specific and are handled with indexed tag and keywords.

We at Laserhof have designed and developed image archive since 1988 using videodisc  CAV format with Taiga protocols.

Today there are on line a lot of web sites based on only texts, especially the archives that conserve


news, facts, statistical numbers and copyright free stuff  (expired author rights).

These "text data" are  memories and often, very often, they appear as sterile facts because weak to suggest and involve the web user in a full experience complete with visual suggestions.

On line we can access entire docs archives of data,

news papers,

economic statistic numbers infographics,

climate data and of course private personal stories as diaries, letters from the front (e.g.  WW1 or refugees o immigrants).

Example 1:

How different could be our Tyrolean "Shoah experience" without its images?

Example 2:
How deep could be our experience about last storm in South Tyrol  without its images?  1.500 utenze rimaste senza energia...


or the glaciers and climate change?

And of course these visual upgrades to only text



Ra Ma






Ra Ma is:


a web based app

a browser plug in


a search engine cross engine


an Evolutive Summary Counters (ESC) based on User Experience.



How it works:


00 every LichtBild-ArgentoVivo image has caption, description, tags keywords
0 any kind of on line archives "should" have a search engine that uses indexing criteria

Ra Ma as web based