Edition May 20th - 21st, 2022

NOI Hackathon Open Data Hub Edition


Events Data Visualization challenge winner



What we aim to achieve with this project is a substancial remodeling of the current UI interface for NOI Techpark events' visualization. Clearly, this kind of design could be applied to any event API (or, to be fair, any API that could benefit from our UI), just by adapting API calls and filters.


Although our prototype is already functional, we didn't focus on strict filtering/ordering of results (as developers @ODH are surely far beyond us in integrating and managing this API), and our effort was the one to provide an easier and more comfortable experience to the final user.


This part is pretty straight forward. Being a web page, we only needed few, freely available technologies:

- Open Data Hub API (Events, specifically)

- JavaScript

- HTML, Bootstrap and CSS for design

We hope you enjoy!

Marty & Nick