Edition May 20th - 21st, 2022

NOI Hackathon Open Data Hub Edition




Visualization is not just about stetics, it's about funtionality too.

The times are changing and with it the way to desing too.

From the challenge Events Data Visualization

We took a problem that pass almost unnoticed, we don't have space nor attention to see all the events at the time, and not all the events are equaly relevant a certain point.

Passing throw the obvios (same day events, for example) we had desing a system that mimics the schedule of process time in a CPU to adapt it to screen time of the events in the main room; reception. 
Additionally, we desing the templeates to be utilize and add agragate value with:

- Dedicated Reception and Room templates

- QR code to access maps and calendar

- Prioritization algorithm to optimize the event display

All integrated in a cute unicorn environment

The code is in Python, a friendly tool that allows the quick development of sotware, flexible enough for almost every aplication.