Edition Nov 16th-17th, 2018

Vertical Innovation Hackathon



MEATING is a website which helps who does not want to eat alone. For us it is very important to feel good in lunch or dinner time, but there are many people who want to share their meal with another person to feel good.

We know that some people like to post on websites or platforms their dishes before eat them, and why not? This website can collect every food pictures and it matches them with its restaurant. Therefore, the most important question is "what do you want to eat?" and not "where do you want to go?".

Now, there is someone who "ask" by finish the first step: he will select a picture between a quick searching by some key-words; this picture will be matching with a specific restaurant. He will indicate all parameters, like how many people and what time meeting.

Then his request is visible in a list. There are other people who are looking for company; they enter in website and look this "ask-list", so now they can "reply" by confirm after a quick choice. In this second step, it is not important "what" you will eat, but it is more important "share your own meal"!

There is the necessity to organize the meeting, so we think it is possible to contact users by a server chat; this system can avoid to hide your personal data to comply the privacy.

When an request is filled, the seats at the restaurant will be immediately booked!

The last step is easy: all people will be nice to meet themselves and surely they will be enjoy it!