Edition Aug 9th-10th, 2019

NOI Hackathon Summer Edition


Travel voucher to be used at a local HDS / Unione travel agency winner


When tourists come to South Tyrol, they face the moment of choosing between so many experiences to make and it can be an hassle. We made an app where tourists can pick their favorite experiences in minute. 
We used social login and Google Photos APIs to understand what the user likes to do, used to do, and how much he is likely to change or explore new sensations. With that, our algorith will match its taste with the experiences he should like the most betweeen all the ones in South Tyrol open data. After a few smooth swipes the tourist will have its activities to buy tickets or plan for.
The app is in React Native and is up and running on both Android and iOS. Ask us for a demo, it's gonna be Lit.