Edition November 10th-11th, 2023

NOI Hackathon SFSCON Edition


Win a monni card and a backpack winner


As we all know, it is the dream of every South Tyrolean farmer to watch its carrots grow from the cosmos. We, the CosmicCarrots team, have made it our goal to no longer leave this wish unfulfilled. However, Konverto's satellite data offers so much more for farmers than just showing their fields on orthophotos. In fact, it can give them valuable insights about how climate change is affecting their fields over time, when the best time to harvest will come and how their fields will develop in comparison to neighbouring fields. Through our user interface, farmers can simply enter the parcel numbers of their agricultural land and our application will calculate weather data as well as specific agricultural indices (NDWI, NDVI, GDD) for that parcel to give farmers high-resolution insights to make work and organization easier.