Edition May 20th - 21st, 2022

NOI Hackathon Open Data Hub Edition

Krautsource IT

Krautsource IT

Dear Sir or Madam,

thank you very much for dedicating us some of your precious time.

The idea is simple: "One Bot to rule them all".

Right now, the main problem of OpenDataHub is that supplying data to the platform is linked to challenges, making it unattractive for individuals, small groups and/or companies to donate data for the greater good.

Our development aims at lowering the barriers for such stakeholders and therefore to proliferate OpenDataHub by offering an intuitive gateway on Telegram. With the help of a bot that runs on Telegram, people have the opportunity to deliver data to OpenDataHub without the need of knowledge in programming. For now the software is limited to the interaction between human and bot. However, in near future it is planed to make our bot interact with other bots, thus further lowering the barriers due to the possibility of making small devices such as ESP32 or platforms like "luftdaten.info" or "opensensemap" directly forward the information via an API.

The solution we implemented is cost effective and due to the sheer amount of bots already available, the sky is the limit.

We want to mention the platform "Cleanpng" (https://de.cleanpng.com) for making available many elements incorporated in our logo. Without their generous copyright licenses, we would not have been able to produce a logo with such quality in such a short time span. We also want to mention Giulia Cramarossa for her creativity and for helping us to find a name and develope a logo for our project.