Past edition

NOI Hackathon Summer Edition

Aug 4th-5th, 2023



  • Win an Amazon Gift card

    Win an Amazon Gift card

    Won by DataPeak

    Offered by Gruppo FOS

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    You and your team will receive a 500 € Amazon Gift Card (total amount for the team)

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    Develop a mobile app to retrieve and show some Open Data Hub data.
    - Data should be retrieved on request and not already present in app
    - Focus on data: usability over fancy graphics
    - Take advantage of Open Data Hub structure to implement filters

  • Win an Amazon gift card

    Win an Amazon gift card

    Won by Pota team

    Offered by Lifeware

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    You and your team will have the opportunity to win an Amazon Gift Card of the value of 500 € (total amount for the team of max. 4)

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    Build a prototype for a locally deployed language model that gives coding suggestions (similar to copilot) for Smalltalk. As a training set, you can use any open-source Smalltalk project where Lifeware's suggestion is the source code of Pharo.

  • Win a Monni card

    Win a Monni card

    Won by Energy awareness in buildings

    Offered by MATRYCS Project

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    You and your team will receive a 500 € Monni card (total mount for the team)

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    Your project uses the MATRYCS project data for creating prediction models of the indoor temperature of the building (or other comfort variables) assuring high level of model accuracy, precision and recall.
    - Cleaning data process: identify possible outliers and process data to be used by the model
    - Validation of the overall process to identify the ML model.
    - Precision and accuracy of MLmodel: How well the model is able to predict values and how many times the ML model is correct overall.
    Presentation of result. Define the best way to visualize the result, from type of graph to interface.




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  • FESR

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  • Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse

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