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NOI Hackathon Summer Edition

Aug 6th-7th, 2021



  • Win a monni card

    Win a monni card

    Won by DXFtoWeather

    Offered by ewo

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    You and your team will receive a 500 € monni Card (total amout for the team)

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    ewo produces high-quality lighting systems for outdoor areas that require highly customized configurations to fit very specific customer needs.

    The project aims at helping designers of the lighting systems of large areas (e.g., airports) to understand the environmental conditions in which the lighting system is required to operate. Such conditions may affect some technical aspects (e.g., the maximum operating power, the useful life of the luminaires, etc.) and need to be considered before starting the actual development.

    Given a DXF file of the area to illuminate and the GPS coordinates of 2 points (or the GPS coordinates of 1 point and the rotation), the project needs to address the following aspects:

    1. Draw the provided DXF on top of a map (e.g., OpenStreetMaps)

    2. Provide an analysis of the environmental conditions (over the year) of the construction area (e.g., min, max, average temperature/humidity during the different times of the year; hours of darkness; etc.)

    3. Calculate the distance from the closest sea (the salt of the sea may affect the life of electronic components).

  • Win an Amazon Gift Card

    Win an Amazon Gift Card

    Won by Hermes

    Offered by Gruppo FOS

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    You and your team will receive a 100 € Amazon Gift Card (one for each team member)

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    Your project uses a module with ESP32 micro-controller connected to Omnivision camera to take a photo periodically using a very low power configuration. It provides to store into microSD card the photos and also transmit them by the network to the Open Data Hub. To update the configuration from remote commands is a plus.
  • Win a travel voucher to be used at a local HDS / Unione travel agency

    Win a travel voucher to be used at a local HDS / Unione travel agency

    Won by YOLO!

    Offered by SiMedia

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    Explore the world with a travel voucher worth 150 € per team member (max. 4) at a local travel agency from HDS / Unione

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    Generating Smart User Experiences: No matter if it's technologically smart, conceptually smart or both: give a guest the possibility to get the smartest experience in South Tyrol




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