Past edition

Open Data Hackathon

May 6th-7th, 2017

Spring edition



  • Saint Petersburg Study Tour

    Saint Petersburg Study Tour

    Won by AGR-E

    Offered by Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse

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    A 3 days study tour to Saint Petersburg, Russia. You will visit labs and meet experts about ICT and digital technologies.

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    How will our society use technology to have a sustainable planet in 2030? Will we use artificial intelligence through augmented reality and have self-driving flying cars? We don't know yet? Inspire us and get us excited through your project prototype! 

  • Crowdfunding Campaign

    Crowdfunding Campaign

    Won by Museum

    Offered by lvh.apa

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    Your team will get a consultancy service for a reward-based crowdfunding campaign

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    Your project should be suitable for a reward-based crowdfunding campaign. It should be a clear product or service your team wants to develop and sell on the market.

  • Musteus “green apple” edition of ▲D▲M apple juice

    Musteus “green apple” edition of ▲D▲M apple juice

    Won by Thon

    Offered by Musteus

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    The team will get 10 boxes (with each 20 bottles) of ▲D▲M apple juice limited Musteus “green apple” edition.

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    Your project will develop a strategy, of how to spread a new social media (ex. through a disruptive marketing campaign or a new killer function)

  • Extend your prototype to production with MS Azure

    Extend your prototype to production with MS Azure

    Won by Smart Bits

    Offered by Systems GmbH

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    You and your team will be able to use the benefits of Microsoft Azure to turn your prototype into the finished product and to upscale to millions of users

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    Your project will use sensors in a smart city environment and combine real time data with existing Open Data Services to provide users with added value and enhance their decision making

  • Incubation services for your project

    Incubation services for your project

    Won by Explore

    Offered by IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige

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    You and your team will get incubation services for one year, to support you in the transformation of your project into a startup.

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    You and your team are passionated enough to create a startup out of your project!



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  • Stiftung Südtiroler Sparkasse
  • lvh.apa
  • IDM Südtirol - Alto Adige
  • Musteus
  • Systems GmbH

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